Five Signs to Check Asbestos and Ways to Prevent It

Asbestos if not too dangerous is harmful to one’s health and causes various health problems. Prevention is, therefore, better than cure. You can always look for the possible signs of the presence of asbestos and make ways of preventing it. Asbestos contamination is a common problem in Australia and therefore the use of the material was banned on the 31st of December in the year 2003. Since then, there has been no use of asbestos materials in the construction of houses; however, the contamination is seen to have been witnessed.

Let us know of the five important signs that may indicate the presence of asbestos materials

  • New homes will not have the contamination. Old homes built in or before the year 1980 can be a home for asbestos as most of the houses built then had their floor tiles, ceilings and even walls mixed with asbestos materials and they may not have been removed that easily. Their continuation is quite rational.
  • Old ceilings were made of asbestos and therefore the effect can be visible on covers of vents, cover traps as well as light bases. These places are most likely to be contaminated.
  • If your property has bitumen or corrugated roofing, there are more chances that the roofs have been contaminated with white colored asbestos. This type of asbestos is not too dangerous but is not free from causing health problems.
  • The fireproof property constructed has the asbestos material and therefore may have signs of asbestos. This should be your priority if the construction has been done during the 1980’s.
  • The floor tiles with 9×9 inches size or for that matter vinyl sheet or vinyl tiles are targets of asbestos contamination if the renovation or construction took place in the

    1980’s again.

If you are in Melbourne and these are the signs you are sure of, you can get in touch with one of the best service providers in Australia. You can’t trust anyone to help you in this venture. You need asbestos experts and asbestos testing in melbourne by A&B Asrem is the name you can bank on.

If the asbestos is not disturbed and they are in shape, you can be relaxed as you are safe from any problem but as already stated, the good can later become worse and you should know the ways to prevent it.

Ways to Prevent Asbestos Contamination

You can easily Contact A&B Asrem for taking measures in the prevention of the problem. Let the professionals conduct a seasonal inspection to check the presence of this harmful material in the property.

  • Get the internal and the external surrounding inspected to leave no stone unturned
  • Get an in-depth report of the asbestos to understand the cause and ways of preventing them in future and much more
  • The experts will do a thorough check of the property and take samples to understand if there is asbestos present. If they are, they will take further steps in getting them removed from the building without causing trouble to anyone within the building.

Always get help from the experienced and subject matter experts in having your property checked using a full-proof process so that you stay away from this contamination in future.

Get your property in safe hands!