Planting for Drought—Can Plants Grow in the Dry Season?

The key to an effective landscape is knowing which plants to choose. If you live in Melbourne and your goal is to have a garden that needs as little maintenance as possible, then you need to look for plants that can withstand both extreme cold and heat.

The good news is, there are companies that do landscaping in Melbourne that are more than willing to help you out in this regard.

Garden Plants You Can Choose From

So you need plants that can survive? Well, here are a few strappy leaf plants that you can choose from:

  • Dianella

Dianellas are beautiful for the foliage. They are able to withstand both drought and frost, and are perfect for mass planting. While this plant is definitely a native, they look amazing in Japanese gardens, as they are actually a species of non-invasive bamboo.

  • Tanika

The leaves of this plant sort of droop all around, creating a beautiful effect when planted in a line. It can be planted in sandy to clay soils and will survive almost anything if you give it at least 8 to 13 weeks to establish itself. These plants are beautiful because their shade of green is a sight to behold. All you need to do is trim it every few years, and the plant will withstand both frost and drought without a problem.

  • Wingarra

This plant is one of the toughest plants you will ever find. Just like the Tanika, as long as you let it establish itself for at least 8 weeks, it will become strong enough to withstand harsh temperatures and extreme weather conditions. It can be used for mass and border planting, just like the other two. The best part is, you do not need to trim it so much. Because the plant is used as a border, you will only need to trim it every 3 years or so—and only for aesthetic purposes.

  • Flamin’

As opposed to the first three, this plant was aptly named for its bright red strappy leaves. It can also come in shades of orange and bronze. This plant does best in the heat, but not so well in humidity. Even so, you only need to trim it every few years for maintenance.

  • Cassa Blue

The Cassa Blue boasts a beautiful shade of blue-green that is perfect for lining the foliage or creating a border. Just like the other plants on this list, it is strong against both the drought and the cold. During the summer, the Cassa Blue even boasts some pretty yellow and purple flowers.

Australia is one of the countries with the harshest environments. But it is not hard to maintain a beautiful garden if you know which plants to choose.

Drought is hard to combat. So is frost and snow. But the sturdier your plants, the more chance they will survive the harsh conditions of this country. Whether you need a local landscaping company in Kew, Balwyn, Donvale, or other areas of Australia, check out this firm—they will not disappoint.

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