Why Grow Tomatoes In Your Backyard

Why Grow Tomatoes In Your Backyard

Growing vegetables in your backyard is so rewarding because you’ll get to eat fresh food on a regular basis. There are plenty of different vegetables out there, but choosing the one that is going to bring you maximum reward is difficult. That is why we’re planning a series on the best vegetables to grow in your backyard. Today’s blog post is going to be focused on tomatoes.

Why Grow Tomatoes?

Tomatoes are one of the most popular – and most used – vegetables on the market (even if technically it is a fruit). You can add it to a host of salads, meals and dishes. More so, eating them fresh and having the option to enjoy them in their fullest is another bonus. On top of all that, tomatoes provide an excellent source of vitamins C, K and B6, folic acid, fibre, carotenes and biotin. A healthy, nutrient-packed vegetable (fruit!) to pick from your backyard.

Aren’t There Many Different Types Of Tomatoes?

There are plenty of different types of tomatoes out there on the market, from regular large tomatoes to cherry tomatoes, the list goes on and on. Each tomatoe requires a different approach to ensure it comes out ripe and fresh. It is down to you to choose which is best for you, and by visiting wholesale plant growers, you can find what works for you.

How To Manage Tomatoes

But there are a few basics that work to ensure that the tomatoes are in good condition to grow – and later eat. The trick to ensuring that they get good soil, are regularly watered and are exposed to sunlight for at least five to six hours a day. Follow these basics and you should be able to grow healthy and fresh tomatoes in your backyard. It might be a little tricker in winter, but you can get around it by tarping up your tomatoes and ensuring they are covered from head to toe. We have more information on the best time to grow tomatoes below, so keep reading.

Best Time To Plant Tomatoes

Tomatoes, unfortunately, take a while to grow. They aren’t one of those quick vegetables and will take time to come to their own. The best time of year to get the process rolling is to plant seeds in an indoor area about six weeks before the winter ends, and then transfer the seeds outdoor when spring fully kicks off. This will ease and ensure a healthy growing process for your tomatoes.

Now that you are ready to start growing tomatoes, you can begin the challenge. If you are interested in other vegetables or buying whole plants, contact us now for more information.